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“All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination.”

Earl Nightingale

Offshore, what is it?

Offshore / offshore jurisdiction - a country or part thereof, where foreign companies are the subject for exemption from taxes in certain situations, and pay for the existence of the company only the government fee, which is fixed and usually does not depend on the value of the company's income. Used for tax optimization.

Low tax jurisdictions?

Low-tax jurisdictions - countries with relatively low taxes. Considered more respectable than the offshore jurisdictions, often participating in agreements for avoidance of double taxation.

International financial centers?

International financial centers - a city / state in which the activity of the large number of international credit organizations is concentrated. International financial center, where banks carry out banking operations in foreign currencies for foreign companies, is also called - Offshore.

Tax haven?

Tax haven / refuge - a term by which is often called Offshores, Low tax jurisdictions, international financial centers.

Offshore company?

The company is called an offshore/offshore company when it is registered in the countries with low taxes or where there is no taxes.

Tax optimization, tax schemes?

Tax optimization means that with a help of the law of different countries business structures and business processes are made so that the tax burden is minimal.

Is it legal to be the owner of the offshore company?

It is legal, if you comply with legislation of your country.

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