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Incorporation of LLC in Russia

LLC registration in Moscow

International companies that want to create presence in Russia, can choose the following forms:

  • registration of a company in Moscow, Russia (a subsidiary or registration of the physical person)
  • opening a branch in Moscow;
  • opening a representative office in Moscow.

The most popular legal form of a legal entity in Russia is LLC (Limited Liability Company). LLC participants have liability for the company’s obligations proportional to their share of the charter capital.

LLC requirements:

  • minimal charter capital: RUB10,000 (must be paid in full);
  • minimal number of members: 1 physical person or a legal entity.

To register an LLC in Moscow by a foreign citizen or company, the following documents are required:

  • a copy of the physical person-founder’s passport (translated and legalized);
  • copies of all constituent documents of the company-founder;
  • extracts from the registrars of those states where the foreign companies-founders are registered (translated and legalized);
  • a copy of the passport of the intended LLC company’s director;
  • documents proving the LLC’s address (legal office address in Russia).

Registration process takes 7 working days from the day of submitting the set f documents to the government authorities.

No permits are needed to register a business with foreign investments involved. LLC founders are members of the company and not the company employees. Only when foreign members of the company conclude labour agreements with the company, they need to obtain work permits for Russia.

It is important to remember that a foreign citizen is entitled to register as a self-employed entrepreneur providing he/she has a temporary residence permit or a residence permit in Russia.

If a foreign citizen has a status of the one temporarily staying in Russia, he/she cannot register as a self-employed entrepreneur. In this case a foreign citizen should establish a LLC and do business as a legal entity.

Our experts will be happy to assist you with choosing the best variant of doing business in Russia and will provide legal support on all stages of the company formation. The cost of the services starts at $3,000.

Other services that our company offers include:

  • accounting services for your business,
  • facilitation of a virtual office and telephone,
  • ongoing legal support.