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Establishment of a representative office in Russia

Registration of a reprsentative office in Russia

Foreign companies can open a representative office in Russia for organization of their presence. On the one hand, none of the counterparties will doubt that they face a foreign company, however the representative office can not carry out commercial activities on the territory of Russia.

The presence of offices in Russia plays a great deal for a foreign company, because in this case the company is getting closer to its partners and customers, and can explore the market at a lower cost and present interests of the company personally. The accredited members of the representative office can get a working visa in a simplified manner.

The procedure of accreditation of foreign subsidiaries have been changed from 1 January 2015 (106 Federal Law of 05.05.2014), and now the accreditation of foreign companies is carried out by the Federal Tax Service (FTS).

The difficulty in opening a representative office of a foreign company in Russia is a large number of accreditating public bodies and necessity of preparation, translation and notarization of the documents.

$5,000 is the cost of opening a representative office in Russia (legal support, consultation, preparation of documents, interaction with public authorities, representatives of foreign companies).

State fee and the cost of translation services, legalization and notarization of documents is determined for each client individually depending on the number of documents, the desired period of registration (1 year - 35,000 rubles, 2 years- 65,000 rubles, 3 year - 80,000 rubles), the single fee for registration of a branch of 120,000 rubles.

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