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Offshore accounts

Offshore account

An offshore company can be used for quite a long time even without opening an offshore bank account. But in order to use offshore services to the full, you might consider opening an offshore bank account.

Our experts will help you choose the bank depending on the needs of your offshore company, will consult you on the fees and arrange the documents. With us opening an offshore bank account is an easy and quick procedure.

We open bank accounts with:

Opening of the offshore bank account is an important step for an offshore company and you must choose the type of the offshore bank account and the offshore bank carefully. In order to choose the right bank, you should first decide the purpose of your offshore account.

Bank Country Cost Term
EUROBANK EFG Cyprus 1000 EUR 5-14 w.d.
ALPHA BANK Cyprus 1000 EUR 5-14 w.d.
HELLENIC BANK Cyprus 1000 EUR Up to 10 w.d.
PIRAEUS BANK Cyprus 1000 EUR Up to 14 w.d.
ABLV Bank, AS Latvia 300   EUR Up tp 10 w.d.
Rietumu Latvia 300   EUR Up to 10 w.d.
Expobank Latvia 700   EUR Up to 10 w.d.
Baltic International Bank Latvia 700   EUR 5-7 w.d.
Latvijas Pasta Bank Latvia 300   EUR 5 w.d.
Baltikums Latvia 300   EUR Up to 5 w.d.
Rib Bank Latvia 300   EUR 3-5 w.d.
Norvik Bank Latvia 300   EUR 3-10 w.d.
Trasta komercbanka Latvia 500   EUR 10 w.d.
Verso Bank Estonia 700   EUR 10 w.d.
Meinl Bank Austria 100   EUR 10 w.d.
Valartis Bank (Liechtenstein) AG Liechtenstein 100   EUR 3 weeks
BRAMER BANK Mauritius 900   EUR 2-3 w.d.
ABC BANKING CORPORATION Mauritius 900   EUR 3-5 w.d.
Belize Bank International Belize 1000 EUR 7 w.d.
CHOICE BANK LIMITED Belize 1000 EUR 5-7 w.d.
Loyal Bank Saint Vincent and Grenadines 300   EUR 3-5 w.d.
Euro Pacific Bank Saint Vincent and Grenadines 1000 EUR 3-5 w.d.

Note: If you buy an offshore company with us, you receive a discount on our service of opening an offshore account with any of the banks stated above. (Please consult our specialists about the discount). The terms of opening an account are given in working days excluding the period of time for the documents preparation and their dispatch.

FinAdvice company is an agent of many international banks and thanks to many years of close cooperation with them, has all the information needed to open an offshore account.

We offer you an access to a wide range of banks, so you can choose a bank that has the best terms for you to open and maintain an offshore account.

Today all banks are required to do due diligence and Know Your Client procedures with regards to their customers. It means in order to open an offshore bank account, you are required to provide a description of your intended business and the information on the owners of the offshore company. Banks are entitled to request additional documents like information on the finances of the offshore company owner, or a documented proof of his/her education and work experience.

So it is important to prepare a good set of documents, provide correct data to open an offshore account. Additionally you might need to visit the bank or have a meeting with the bank representative at one of the bank’s representative offices.

It is important to remember that with regard to the offshore bank accounts, from time to time the bank might request to provide the documents that prove certain transactions or legality of the money origin, as well as matching of the services paid for with the money coming to the account and those stated in the documents at the offshore account opening. If certain formalities are observed, your work with the offshore bank accounts will be easy and comfortable.