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Cyprus banks

Cyprus banks

Ordinary Cyprus Bank, that is still chosen by the owners of offshore companies, is understanding partner, which allows a lot of things that don't make other banks in the world, especially for Russian owners of the company. To open a Bank account in Cyprus Bank is easy and affordable for many. The service of Cyprus banks are expanding the services to meet the best interests of the business.

Lightning never strikes twice in the same place, so today the account in a Cyprus Bank is a safe and convenient product.

The company FINADVICE GROUP will help you to open a Bank account in Cyprus Bank:

Bank Country Cost Term
EUROBANK EFG Cyprus 1000 EUR 5-14 w.d.
ALPHA BANK Cyprus 1000 EUR 5-14 w.d.
HELLENIC BANK Cyprus 1000 EUR Up tp 10 w.d.
PIRAEUS BANK Cyprus 1000 EUR Up to 14 w.d.

Note: If you buy an offshore company with us, you receive a discount on our service of opening an offshore account with any of the banks stated above. (Please consult our specialists about the discount). The terms of opening an account are given in working days excluding the period of time for the documents preparation and their dispatch.

To open an account in Cyprus bank, you have to provide us with copies of the passport of the Director, the owner of the offshore company, the receipt of payment for rent by the specified persons(proof of address), description of company's activity. The Bank has the right to request additional documents.

Our specialists will be glad to help you to open an account in Cyprus Bank and advise on choosing a Bank for your business.