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Offshore banks

Offshore banks

Offshore banks are credit institutions that are registered in an offshore zone. The main difference from the ordinary Bank is that an offshore Bank can provide services, open accounts to all except residents of offshore zones, in which an offshore Bank is itself registered.

In most cases, these banks are located on the territory of countries that even on request of state authorities of another country will not provide information about the owner and account status, except if a tax agreements with the country of residence of the client are concluded.

The company FinAdvice can open offshore Bank account:

Bank Country Cost Term
BRAMER BANK Mauritius 900  EUR 2-3 w.d.
ABC BANKING CORPORATION Mauritius 900   EUR 3-5 w.d.
Belize Bank International Belize 1000 EUR 7 w.d.
CHOICE BANK LIMITED Belize 1000 EUR 5-7 w.d.
Loyal Bank Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 300   EUR 3-5 w.d.
Euro Pacific Bank Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 1000 EUR 3-5 w.d.

Note: If you buy an offshore company with us, you receive a discount on our service of opening an offshore account with any of the banks stated above. (Please consult our specialists about the discount). The terms of opening an account are given in working days excluding the period of time for the documents preparation and their dispatch.

The choice of jurisdiction depends on the goals of your business. In any case, it will be provided funds safety and privacy, but you can get additional benefits in the area of taxation.