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Other banks

Account in European Bank

For some companies, it is important to have a Bank account in the country with a good reputation or not banal jurisdiction.

For example, a Bank account in Austria looks quite respectable and adds plus to your company's reputation. The same can be said about opening an account in one of the banks of Liechtenstein.

Not usual country to open an account is Estonia, which has been actively developing its banking sector for last several years. To open a Bank account in Estonia a little longer than in an offshore Bank, but much faster than in the banks of Liechtenstein.

The company FinAdvice provides services for opening a Bank account:

Bank Country Cost Term
Verso Bank Estonia 700 EUR 10 w.d.
Meinl Bank Austria 100 EUR 10 w.d.
Valartis Bank (Liechtenstein) AG Liechtenstein 100 EUR 3 weeks

Note: If you buy an offshore company with us, you receive a discount on our service of opening an offshore account with any of the banks stated above. (Please consult our specialists about the discount). The terms of opening an account are given in working days excluding the period of time for the documents preparation and their dispatch. 

These banks are stable and will allow to advantageous emphasize the seriousness of your business.