900  EUR: All included!
800 EUR: All included!
950 EUR: All included!

990 EUR: All included!
1750 EUR: All included!
1950 EUR: All included!

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Support For your business

Great Britain (English companies)

English companies

An English company set-up (‘full package’ with all fees, services and charges included) – 950 EUR.

Nominee service - from 300 EUR per year.

Maximum period needed to get the new English company incorporation documents is 10 days (takes to have the company registered, the documents apostilled and dispatched to you).

Annual support (starting from the second year) — 950 EUR.

In order to buy or set up an English company for you, we need only:

  • copies of a national and international passports of the future director, shareholder and a hidden business owner;
  • types of business;
  • a few variants of the company name;
  • a receipt of accommodation fees paid (a proof of the director/shareholder’s residence)

We register an English company and you receive the documents.

The services include:

  • A full set of documents of the new English company;
  • Apostille;
  • Company secretary’s services for a year;
  • The company’s registered address for a year;
  • Registration agent’s services for a year;
  • Legal counseling on general inquiries for a year.

Why England is so convenient:

  • Prestigious jurisdiction;
  • Favourable conditions for trade with EU;
  • Ability to use a Nominee service

English offshore 

Of course, Great Britain, including England, is not an offshore country. But if used cleverly, an English company can act as an offshore business. English jurisdiction is highly respected and it allows making trades with many discerning counterparties in the EU.

In Great Britain information on legal entities and its directors and shareholders is open to anyone, that’s why if confidentiality is important, a Nominee service should be used.

Accounting reporting and audit

English companies are required to report their financial statements and in some cases do an audit. (Only the English companies with the annual turnover over £5.6 million qualify for an audit).

New English companies are usually required to start filing their financial statements a year and 9 months after their registration date. Reports should be prepared in advance to avoid considerable penalties that are applicable to accounts falling overdue.