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1950 EUR: All included!

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Offshore Cyprus

Company in Cyprus

1950 EUR - company set up in Cyprus (registration «full package» - duties, services, fees are included)

Nominee service - from 400 EUR per year.

The time frame for receipt of documents for a new company in Cyprus is up to 3 weeks (registration, apostille, document delivery)

Annual support (from the second year) - 1950 EUR.

Company registration in Cyprus will require the following information:

  • Copy of the international and the internal passport of the future Director, shareholder and hidden owner of the future company,
  • The activities of the company in Cyprus,
  • To sign the drafted by our experts forms,
  • Several variants of the name for the future company.

We set up a company in Cyprus and send you the documents on the company.

Services Include the following:

  • Full set of documents of a Cyprus company,
  • Service - apostille of documents,
  • Secretarial services for the year,
  • The address of the company for the year,
  • Registration fees for the year,
  • Legal advice on General issues on offshore company for a year.

Why a company in Cyprus is so convenient:

  • Prestigious jurisdiction
  • Best jurisdiction for trading in the EU
  • You can use our nominee service (nominee service from $400)
  • There is an agreement on the avoidance of double taxation with Russia

Offshore companies in Cyprus

Some time ago, Cyprus has earned the fame of the very best offshore zone and the service – «to buy an offshore company in Cyprus» - was almost obligatory condition for development of the best tax planning.

However, Cyprus joined the EU and has lost the status of the offshore zone, become a European jurisdiction, but with the lowest taxes in the EU. So  it is still profitable to register company in this jurisdiction, and many people still call company in Cyprus as – «the Offshore company in Cyprus."

Between Russia and Cyprus is signed an agreement on the avoidance of double taxation and for our country Cyprus is no longer an offshore area, so that fact gives many advantages for business working through  company from Cyprus. However, the register of shareholders and Directors in Cyprus is open, so you should use a nominee service, since it is legal in Cyprus.

Taxes and accounting

Cyprus companies are required to annually submit financial statements. The fiscal year of the Cyprus companies ends on 31 December.
All taxes must be paid before August 1 of the year following the reporting year.

Taxation in Cyprus is based on the principle of residence. A Cyprus company is resident in Cyprus if the Director (a majority of Directors) of the company are residents of Cyprus.

If the company is deemed resident, then she pays the following main taxes:

  • from 0% to 18% VAT (for deduction/refund you must obtain a registration number VAT);
  • 10% corporate tax;
  • 20% tax rate on capital gains (   taxable income from the sale of real estate and shares of companies, which has a property in Cyprus);
  • from 3% to 17% tax rate on defense;
  • 350 euros per year - a fixed annual fee to the Cyprus Company.