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Offshore Seychelles

Seychelles Offshore Services

An offshore company set-up (‘full package’) –  900 EUR

Nominee service from 300 EUR per year

Minimal period needed to get the new offshore company incorporation documents is 7 days (4 days to have the company registered and the documents apostilled and 3 days to dispatch the documents to you).

Annual support (starting from the second year) —900 EUR.

Ready-made offshore companies are available for immediate purchase.

In order to set up an offshore company in the Seychelles for you, we need only:

  • copies of a national and international passports of the future director, shareholder and a hidden business owner;
  • a few variants of the company name.

We register an offshore Seychelles company and you receive the following documents:

  • Certificate of Incorporation;
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association;
  • Resolution of subscriber in writing;
  • Apostille;
  • Share certificate;
  • Share resolution;
  • Resolution of the company’s registered office address;
  • Resolution of the address where the accounting records are kept;
  • Register of members;
  • Register of shareholders;

Why Seychelles offshore is so convenient:

  • Affordable registration and renewal fee;
  • You are not weighed down by unnecessary reporting or record-keeping requirements (you give only the registered address where the accounting records are kept);
  • Your company is exempt from tax;
  • Strict confidentiality;
  • Ability to use a Nominee service 

Seychelles Islands

Once the Republic of Seychelles was a British colony and now it is a popular holiday destination and one of the most attractive places to set up an offshore company. The government of the Seychelles actively promotes the offshore business development and provides special business conditions for the Seychelles offshore companies or International Business Companies (IBC).

IBC registration is a quick and easy process in the Seychelles. The government fee paid at registration as well as the fee payable to the Registrar of the Companies is relatively low. A business owner is only required to pay is a small fixed annual fee to keep the company on the registrar.

The Republic of Seychelles signed the Hague Convention in 1961 which means when working through the Seychelles offshore company it is possible to use the Apostille Certificate as the appropriate form of documents legalization. Otherwise a costly legalization procedure would have been necessary.

Seychelles offshore companies is a very flexible type of business that can be used virtually anywhere. The Seychelles are not on the blacklist of FATF (Financial Action Task Force).

Requirements to an offshore company

  • Minimal number of stakeholders and directors – one;
  • Nominee directors and shareholders are allowed;
  • Legal entities are allowed to act as a director or shareholder;
  • Seychelles registration agent/Company secretary and a registered office are required;
  • Authorized capital: usually $100,000, but can be higher. The law doesn’t require full payment of the authorized capital.


The Registrar of Companies in Seychelles gives no access to its data, which guarantees confidentiality of information on the company’s shareholders and directors and its protection from unauthorized persons. For complete anonymity we advice using services of Nominee directors and shareholders.

Taxes and fees

A Seychelles offshore company is exempt from taxes. The company is only required to pay a fee to keep the company in the Registrar and renew the IBC status.

Keeping accounting records and books

A Seychelles offshore company’s accounting records are kept at the address specified by the company’s director and all the books and offshore registration documents are kept with the registration agent.

All the necessary resolutions on the place of keeping the accounting records and books are included into the pack of documents provided at the purchase of the Seychelles offshore company